Re: [mediacapture-region] Why expose produceCropTarget at MediaDevices level? (#11)

> I think using them for this purpose makes perfect sense and is the kind of thing they were designed for.

I am not aware of any other API that accept the ID of an element from another document. Could you name one?

> Concrete absurd future hypothetical examples don't have any bearing on the actual existing primitive. There are no security and privacy considerations for; it's just a string.

(To simplify things, let's call those who argue here for the use of a general-purpose token The Generics, and those who argue for a cropping-only token The Singletons.)

First, I have used an absurd example precisely because the Generics have not yet provided an example of a future API that would benefit from a generic token. The burden of producing such an API is on them. 

Second, assuming the Generics can produce such a hypothetical API, they should then also explain why it's desirable to use a generic token. Assuming there are multiple APIs that are unblocked by that token, the application loses the ability to only unblock one when it posts such a token. How is that preferable? (Hard to answer without a concrete example of an API though... Which the Generics should produce.)

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