Re: [mediacapture-region] Make CropTarget serializable (#24)

> Given GC should not be observable, whether weak or not is not a hard requirement, it is a clarification.

We're in agreement here.

> If you do not like weak

My concern is mostly with "reference".

> I am fine reverting to the original PR: no mention of weak but a GC note.

To ensure we're discussing the same thing, could you please link me to the revision you're referring to?

> @youennf: As of objects referencing other objects that are potentially in other process, this is an existing pattern that proved to work well, let's use it.
> @jan-ivar: [HTML]( uses "An [OffscreenCanvas]( object may hold a weak reference to a placeholder canvas element,"

Thank you for the reference, @jan-ivar. Please allow me some time to dig into these more closely.

> "Weak reference" is also the term the TAG uses in their design principles in § 5.3. Don’t expose garbage collection.

That example seems to refer to "weak reference" precisely in the interpretation that I want to avoid, is it not? "This means that you shouldn’t expose any API that acts as a weak reference, e.g. with a property that becomes null once garbage collection runs." It is **this** interpretation of "weak reference" that I worry would be confusing.

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