Re: [mediacapture-region] Definition of valid CropTarget might be too loose (#29)

> A CropTarget is defined in terms of browsing context which can potentially outlive navigations.

Sure, if we have a way of defining things in a better way, let's do so. But note that allowing a CropTarget to outlive navigation would effectively mean cropping the track mutes it, as no additional frames would be produced that have >0 pixels. So not a security concern, whether we reject `cropTo()` or make it "mute" the track.

> 1. If the target's element is no longer around, bail

That seems fine.

> 2. If that element is no longer in a document, bail

Can you explain the distinction between this and the previous?

> If that document is not this (track)'s captured [top-level browsing context]('s [active document](, or not an [active document]( in one of this (track)'s captured [top-level browsing context]('s [nested browsing context](, bail.

Seems reasonable on first glance.

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