Re: [webrtc-extensions] Disabling hardware acceleration (#98)

Sadly I missed the meeting. Here is what I would do (I actually have a chrome CL for it even), extending RTCRtpSender and Receiver with
    [CallWith=ScriptState] static void disableGPU();
When called *before* creating any peerconnection this disables hardware encoding and decoding respectively.

This is a sledgehammer and a terrible API but making it
* inconvenient to use for the developer (by not integrating nicely) 
* inconvenient to use for the user (by requiring a page reload to change the decision)
* clear that it is just an emergency measure

is intentional. This should be covered by appropriate usage metrics, ideally ones allowing to identify large users and then asking them why they feel a need to use it. This API should not be an excuse not to fix bugs ;-)

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