Re: [mediacapture-screen-share] Avoid Hall-of-Mirrors (#209)

> We can't because of the design principle I [mentioned above](, so we need to decide on the default first.

Clarification: I don't mind if it's excludeCurrentTab or includeCurrentTab. Given that you can cite a an established principle for making it includeCurrentTab, I am 100% OK with that, and everything else in my comment assumes this change. To avoid distraction, I try to use "default-include-current-tab", as it would otherwise be confusing if I mean "default-false" to include/exclude.

Could you please re-read [my comment]( in light of this clarification?

> Thanks, but I don't accept this as a use case, because it seems trivial (better even) to open the Loom page you want to record in a separate tab (which lets you demo any page, not just ones with recording controls embedded in them).

It's also trivial to install a native app when Web applications can't do what the end-user wants, and end up contorting themselves in Web-y ways that the end-user assumes is due to lack of polish.
> allow apps to express that A) they want self-capture, or B) they don't want self-capture. Whether they get it or not we already decided was irrelevant (a hint). I prefer A, because most sites are in B.

I think this refers to the solved question of include vs. exclude.

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