Re: [mediacapture-handle] .getCaptureHandle() seems misplaced on the track (#12)

> I believe intentionally dropping some information when cloning has precedents ...

What are they?

> I personally find an out-parameter quite awkward.

It's technically an in-parameter: an object that will be associated only upon resolve, but I know what you mean, and I agree it's not ideal, but backwards compatible things rarely are.

However, having this capture `controller` object might be a hub for several capture controls in the hopper:
1. Capture handle
2. Capture actions
3. Conditional focus

@youennf WDYT?

> Maybe even "footgunny". For example, what happens to old values of controller if the Promise is rejected?

The controller would never be associated, which seems fine. We could also prevent reuse if we want.

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