Re: [mediacapture-handle] Don't reinvent postMessage (#11)

> A drive-by suggestion: Maybe rate-limiting the calls to `setCaptureHandleConfig()` can reduce the risk of it being used as a bit-by-bit communication channel, while at the same time, continue to enable the use cases of the captured application changing state and wanting to notify the capturer of that.

If it helps things along (@jan-ivar?), I am OK with adding rate-limiting initially (as a raised exception), but I'd then like to continue the discussion for removing it. Rationale:
Consider a legitimate application that calls `setCaptureHandleConfig()` very rarely. But not necessarily once. It nows needs to worry about those very rare occasions when it makes two calls in overly rapid succession. For example, if a presentation software calls `setCaptureHandleConfig()` whenever changing to another deck, then redirections could happen too rapidly. Such rare bugs are too likely to be missed by developers and end up as bugs.

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