Re: [mediacapture-screen-share] Avoid Hall-of-Mirrors (#209)

> Obfuscation is great. But it won't eliminate the need for `excludeCurrentTab`

Obfuscation is solving Hall-Of-Mirrors, which the issue is about.
I do not think we should do `excludeCurrentTab` with Hall-Of-Mirrors as the main motivation.
If `excludeCurrentTab` has other benefits, that is fine, let's file a dedicated issue about this idea and detail all its potential benefits and drawbacks.

> 1. What will an application that expects anything-but-current-tab (on Chrome) do when it gets current-tab-but-obfuscated (on Safari)?

Applications will need to deal with this even with `excludeCurrentTab`, say if selecting a window or screen.
Or are you saying `excludeCurrentTab` would forbid user selection of some surfaces? That would be a big change of doctrine.

With regards to security analysis, I think the current tab is a somewhat safer surface than other tabs controlled by the attacker: other tabs can be navigated while being captured, the current tab can only navigate iframes.

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