Re: [mediacapture-transform] How does generator.mute change track states? (#81)

Do we even need to specify behavior of track muted state in this spec?
My initial impression is that here we should just specify that a muted generator does not produce any frames.
Track muted state and generator muted state are two different things. 
The language in mediacapture-main should take care of the track muted state.

Some text from mediacapture-main for reference:
> The muted/unmuted state of a track reflects whether the source provides any media at this moment.
> A [MediaStreamTrack]( is [muted]( when the source is temporarily unable to provide the track with data. 
> A track can be muted by a user. Often this action is outside the control of the application.
> A track can also be muted by the [User Agent](

I don't see it as a necessity that muting a generator should synchronously mute all connected tracks. The UA can detect this and mute the tracks using any logic it wants (asynchronously if it so prefers).
I do see it as a problem that unmuting a generator should force-unmute all connected tracks, because that could be in conflict with the UA judging that it should remain muted (e.g., due to user action via UI or some other UA-specific mechanism).

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