Re: [webrtc-pc] Document substantive changes since Rec as candidate amendments (#2713)

Reporting from my discussion with @plehegar :
* having a document which integrates seamlessly the candidate (or in the future, proposed) amendments in the normative text is not a priori compatible with the intent of the process
* potential approaches to explore as alternatives that would keep low-editorial friction:
  * generate two documents: a default one with only the "candidate correction" annotations, but not the actual changes, and an informative view where the candidate changes are merged in
  * find a way to provide the two views into a single document (similar to the current approach used by other amended recs with `ins`/`del`), but with a much coarser granularity (e.g. at the section level rather than the phrase or in-phrase diff level)

I'll iterate in that direction (probably starting with the latter that would avoid creating confusing doppelgangers)

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