Re: [webrtc-pc] Intended outcome when modifying direction in have-local-offer (#2751)

That matches what I see. I've got two js fiddles to help experimenting with:


The behaviour can be reproduced by pasting the following into the sender's console after starting the session(by exchanging the initial offers/answers):

const offer = await pc.createOffer();
await pc.setLocalDescription(offer);

let sender = Object.values(mediaStream.senders)[0];

const trans = pc.getTransceivers()[0];
console.dir({ trans, direction: trans.direction, currentDirection: trans.currentDirection });

dc.send(JSON.stringify({ type: 'offer', sdp: offer.sdp }))

It's clear that it does trigger a negotiationneeded event and in the subsequent offer the transceiver is `recvonly`. However, this is observed behaviour in Chrome, not what I would expect from the specification.

Based on the specification I would expect:

1. `removeTrack` causes the transceiver's direction to become `recvonly`
1. When applying the remote offer from the peer the transceiver's direction should change back to `sendonly` or `sendrecv` from `recvonly`.
1. When checking if negotiation is needed we would find that the transceiver's direction matches that of the remote description and no negotiation would be requested.

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