Re: [webrtc-pc] Intended outcome when modifying direction in have-local-offer (#2751)

This was added in, and I think we made a mistake. As you show, it creates a race between API use and (perfect) renegotiation. No-one's implemented this, so it might be problematic to implement at this point. I propose we revert it.

I think @stefhak [was right]( that:
* `direction` reflects this side's preference in offers and answers
* `currentDirection` reflects the net negotiated direction

E.g. it's normal for them to differ:
* A `direction` of `"sendrecv"` means we have stuff to send and are open to receive
* A  `currentDirection` of `"sendonly"` means the other side has nothing to send at the moment

In this view of them as independent attributes, updating them should be deterministic to the app.

It's the nature of negotiation that changes on one side don't always produce a net result.

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