Re: [webrtc-extensions] Potential web compat issue with setOfferedRtpHeaderExtensions (#130)

> Compare to [setOfferedRtpHeaderExtensions](, where leaving out a header extension means: don't modify it and leave it as-is
Right, so
const pc = new RTCPeerConnection();
const t = pc.addTransceiver('audio');
t.setOfferedRtpHeaderExtensions([{uri: "urn:ietf:params:rtp-hdrext:ssrc-audio-level", direction: "stopped"}]);
const offer = await pc.createOffer();
console.log(offer.sdp.split('\r\n').filter(l => l.startsWith('a=extmap:')))
will, in Chrome, remove ssrc-audio-level but leave the other three extensions untouched.

That should be easy to fix by changing to look at (a copy of) the offered header extensions with everything set to stopped, then enabling based on the input.

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