Re: [webrtc-extensions] Potential web compat issue with setOfferedRtpHeaderExtensions (#130)

Also note that while setCodecPreferences and setOfferedRtpHeaderExtensions do the same thing (modify what goes into SDP O/A) they work very different.
* setCodecPreferences is filtering with a set of discovered by the static getCapabilities(kind).codecs. We can not modify the semantics of that sadly but I hope [this proposal]( will address it some day in a way that retains backward compability. Note that passing [] resets to "the default".
* setOfferedRtpHeaderExtensions can take input either from static  getCapabilities(kind).headerExtensions or headerExtensionsToOffer. So this goes a bit more in the direction of the proposal a had already. Passing [] does *not* reset to the default but that is easy to do in JS, getCapabilities(kind).headerExtensions provides the default but this still seems worth changing.

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