Re: [mediacapture-main] what is the default channelCount (#775)

> I know users can change default devices from OS UI. Is Firefox (or any browser) providing such camera configuration UI?

Well, we have the camera and microphone picker in the Firefox permission prompt. 🙂 But even without that, all major browsers respect OS defaults, which are often user configurable. E.g. going to _Audio MIDI Setup_ and choosing my Logitech BRIO makes it the default microphone on macOS _and_ Firefox, and now `{audio: true}` gives you channelCount 2 instead of 1.

I also could have sworn an earlier version of Audio MIDI Setup let me change the `2 ch` to `1 ch`, but I might be misremembering there, or it did with a different device I no longer own. I believe other OSes allow this though.

This means there is no one default channelCount. _That's what we should document._ If your app assumes there is, then your app is broken. This is why we have constraints and not a simpler settings API: if an app requires mono to not break, constrain it to mono. The model is: if you care about it, constrain it. Otherwise you get what you get.

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