Re: [mediacapture-main] what is the default channelCount (#775)

> 1. The user configures the camera and settings they want in their OS or browser, perhaps with per-site exceptions.

I know users can change default devices from OS UI. Is Firefox (or any browser) providing such camera configuration UI?

If that is important, we can try to find wording that would still allow per-site default exceptions.

> If a user inserts a stereo microphone they just bought, why shouldn't they get stereo on every site out there?

We could define a default rule so that, post device selection, channelCount would be set to 2 if feasible.
I do not see how this use case describes the benefit of the current approach, especially if one browser would use stereo if available and another would stick to mono.

> One of the advantages of the native WebRTC stack is that this can just work without requiring each app to support it.

I am not sure what 'just work' means.
Some native clients do not support stereo and may break if the default suddenly changes.
Some web clients will not benefit from stereo and will experience suboptimal experience (due to bandwidth increase).

> Browsers may not be doing much with their defaults atm, but defaulting to 640x480x30 mono forever doesn't seem very forward looking.

The idea is not to stick to 640x480x30 + mono forever, web specs do change everyday.
The idea is to document these defaults, if we can agree on these defaults.
Then, to change these defaults progressively and consistently.

I do not know what default rules Firefox is using. If it does something similar (or is willing to do something similar) to Chrome and Safari, why not documenting it?

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