[mediacapture-main] 'label' needs direction and language metadata (#665)

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== 'label' needs direction and language metadata ==
Moving from https://www.w3.org/Mail/flatten/index?subject=i18n-ISSUE-464&list=public-media-capture :


The 'label' value is described as follows:

> User Agents MAY label audio and video sources (e.g., "Internal microphone" or "External USB Webcam"). The MediaStreamTrack.label attribute MUST return the label of the object's corresponding source, if any. If the corresponding source has or had no label, the attribute MUST instead return the empty string.

Since the value is intended to contain natural language text, probably for consumption/display to the end-user, maybe it should be possible to determine or set the language (`@lang`) and base direction (`@dir`) of the text. This will allow the text to be displayed properly in different contexts.

In addition, it may be useful to allow multiple labels in different languages (although generally the source's label is applied by the user's user-agent, and so will be appropriately localized??)

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