Re: [webrtc-extensions] How does a developer decide on a value for `playoutDelay` ? (#46)

just one thing, i am not against the enum values, but keeping the numeric
values too.

El mar., 21 jul. 2020 12:40, Paul Adenot <>

> My two cents.
> So, having a numeric value makes sense, at least for us.
> Yes, but in your case you've answered the question: you're using the rtt
> to change the value of the jitter buffer depth. For your use-case it makes
> sense. With your changes that make it converge faster, it's probably OK for
> A/V sync as well (if needed). What is missing is a way for regular apps to
> determine the best value for the jitter buffer depth, based on something
> (network condition, machine load, etc.), and to know the duration of the
> jitter buffer, for A/V sync. This is what this issue is about.
> If it's fixed for an app (as it seems to be for e.g. Meet), then a
> numerical value is bad and an enum is superior.
> On a side note, I would be awesome if we could add more parameters to
> control the jitter buffer behavior (or even completely replace it) as, at
> least NetEq, is not tuned correctly for several use cases.
> This will have to happen as a natural consequence of the abstraction level
> lowering that seem to happen in 2.0.
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Received on Tuesday, 21 July 2020 10:44:36 UTC