Re: [webrtc-extensions] How does a developer decide on a value for `playoutDelay` ? (#46)

I think the number you would use is the number of seconds of delay you are happy with under good network conditions, it translates very well into how interactive you want it to be. I don't remember the details of the discussions since this was quite a long time ago now, but we flip-flopped between enums and numbers several times and at the end of the day we thought that a number is more well-defined than an enum, because otherwise it begs the question "how interactive is 'interactive'?" and then we'd have to arbitrarily pick a number of seconds that corresponds to something being "interactive".

I think one of the major issues in terms of interop is with the implementation, that for audio tracks it can take several minutes before the delay you ask for to be achieved. I didn't realize this when I wrote the spec; I had assumed that you get what you ask for within a few seconds.

I don't think an enum is more web compatible because interactive could then mean milliseconds on one browser but a second on another browser?

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Received on Monday, 20 July 2020 09:30:26 UTC