Re: [webrtc-pc] What happens to stopped transports? (#2486)

Stop sending and receiving immediately results in RTCP BYE on the RTP stream, which is already reflected by the track getting muted on the other side. But I don't believe the transport is killed until the m= section's port is set to 0, which I imagined requires another O/A exchange, unless there is a good reason to clean up early. Remember that we do not truly stop the transceiver until the O/A exchange, we only mark it as "stopping" and stop sending media, but for the event to get finalized requires SDP.

In the PR I wrote I made it so that upon returning to stable, if any transceiver was removed from the set of transcievers, their transports gets stopped. I think this kind of makes sense for rollback? We won't let the transceiver start sending again because it's RTCP BYE'd, but the transport is still pending being negotiated to have port 0. Until that happens, we could get a remote offer where the port isn't 0. So until then, we haven't truly killed the transport.

If there is an issue with whether to reuse or create a new transport in some edge case of stopping and creating a new transciever, I think that deserves to be tracked in a separate issue.

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