[webrtc-stats] Add error correction metrics (#411)

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== Add error correction metrics ==
Some packets contain contain payload for error correction, which may end up getting used or it may end up getting discarded. Having metrics for this indicate the health of the connection, and because error correction payloads may not result in as high quality as the "real" payloads, this is also good to help diagnose quality issues.

- errorCorrectionPacketsReceived: The total number of packets received that contain error correction payload. These are packets conveying information of previous packets, used to conceal packet loss. This is a subset of packetsReceived. To calculate the total number of error correction packets that was decoded, subtract errorCorrectionPacketsDiscarded from errorCorrectionPacketsReceived.
- errorCorrectionPacketsDiscarded: The total number of packets received that contain error correction payload, but the error correction payload was discarded due to having received the original packet. This is a subset of errorCorrectionPacketsReceived.

These may help replace Chrome's non-standard googSecondaryDecodedRate and googSecondaryDiscardedRate, unblocking products that rely on these for migrating to the standardised getStats.

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Received on Monday, 18 March 2019 10:48:11 UTC