Re: [webrtc-pc] Missing CNAME in RID based simulcast offer (#2114)

> My mistake, it gets fed into the RTCP cname property, so we would need to understand what happens when RTCP does not contain cname before fixing this.

I think we should split the issue into two items:

1. Whether CNAME is required in the SDP. Obviously libwebrtc depends on it as you found [here](
1. Whether libwebrtc uses CNAME for something. Here I want to clarify that CNAME can be told in two ways:
   1. By signaling it in the SDP.
   1. By sending RTCP SDES items with CNAME to the receiver. Such a SDES also includes the media SSRC so the receiver can learn the stream CNAME in runtime. Said that, no idea if libwebrtc also "learns" the CNAME that way or just via SDP. And, anyway, no idea whether libwebrtc needs CNAME for something or not.

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Received on Wednesday, 6 March 2019 21:47:19 UTC