Re: [webrtc-pc] Add pc.restartIce() method. (#2169)

@henbos Great! At this rate you might beat me to it (I held off since Firefox merge day was yesterday)!

> In both SLD(answer) and SRD(answer) I am comparing the set description with the current ICE credentials, based on looking at [[CurrentLocalDescription]].

That sounds right. Note though that in [our implementation]( we compare against currentLocalDescription from when `pc.restartIce()` was called. I think I was concerned about partial restarts from the other side moving the goalpost (but note bug I found from thinking about this again, thanks!)

> I am wondering [if sometimes we need to restart ICE twice?](

I answered [here]( To me, this mirrors how e.g. `direction` works: we don't trigger on every set, only on value change. That seems most conservative to me. The alternative would be to have calling `pc.restartIce()` 10 times in a row trigger 10 renegotiations restarting ICE 10 times, which seems undesirable.

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Received on Tuesday, 9 July 2019 15:07:27 UTC