Re: [webrtc-pc] Have createOffer call addTransceiver() on offerToReceive.

@stefhak Agree that on a browser that supports `addTransceiver` but not `offerToReceive`, `offerToReceive` could be implemented as a shim that called `addTransceiver`. 

This is also an argument for why `offerToReceive` is more of a convenience than a necessity.  Since there isn't an alternative way to support `offerToReceive` that creates `RtpSender`/`RtpReceiver` objects and all the methods that depend on them, if native support for `offerToReceive` is considered problematic, then the best alternative is probably to remove it from the spec and support it via shim if needed.

In fact, without an implicit call to `addTransceiver` it is not clear to me how to create RtpSender/RtpReceiver objects and enable methods referencing those objects to function as expected. 

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Received on Wednesday, 6 September 2017 19:23:08 UTC