Re: [webrtc-pc] Clarify whether RTCRtpContributingSource members are live.

> Without a way to ask for one to ask for one of these live objects by source identifier, is there a added value in its liveness when one is already polling for discovery purposes?

That's a very good point, I've wondered this myself. Based on git history, it looks like this API was introduced by @fluffy, so maybe he has an answer.

> Is the intent that the live objects retain the last value they had even if the timestamp is past the 10 second window, or for that matter the lifetime of the associated receiver?

My assumption was that:

* Live objects retain the last value they had (which is the behavior even before the 10 second window)
* `getContributingSources` doesn't return the objects any more
* They're eligible for garbage collection. If there's, say, a 20 second gap of receiving no packets, and the object is garbage collected, once packets start being received again, `getContributingSources` MAY return a new object.

But that's just my assumption; I'm not sure about the original intentions. Again, Cullen may be a better person to ask (or he may know who to ask).

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