Re: [webrtc-pc] Clarify whether RTCRtpContributingSource members are live.

I wasn't really thinking about if it was the same object or not or how long it lived when the original stuff got written.I was mostly thinking about what RTP data needed to be returned, not how it got packaged in the JS.  I don't think I imagine that the API would return live objects -  Instead the API returned a snap shot of what the values at the time of the API call but perhaps others were thinking live objects. I don't recall any huge old history that caused these to need to be one way or the other. We should choose what makes most sense now. From my point of view it is important that we get the list of CSRC for the current (where that means the stuff that recently played or is playing)_ and be able to use that to drive look up the name of the "Active Speaker" and display that. The Active speaker changes frequently ( like more than 1 per second but less than 1/10 of a second ).  

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