[webrtc-pc] Need for Initial Bitrate?

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== Need for Initial Bitrate? ==
With the ongoing discussion in the relative bitrate and RTCPriority, I was wondering if providing the initial bitrate to the RTCSender was ever discussed. If it was, what was the outcome of that discussion?

If not, my strawman would be: 
This would be a local property for the send media side, and this would be input to the congestion control to start sending at and normal congestion control procedures would define what happens next.

A developer may want to use a past value from a previous call that just finished as the initial bitrate to override any default initial bitrate set by the implementor. This could of course be the tail bitrate (the last few seconds of the call), average/median/the maximum sustained in the call -- it would be up to the developer how they come up with the value. 

This is especially useful if the current default is higher than what the implementation thinks is the default start bitrate.

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