[webrtc-pc] new commits pushed by burnburn

The following commits were just pushed by burnburn to https://github.com/w3c/webrtc-pc:

* Specify which encoding parameters can be set through sendEncodings.

Fixes #1073.

All read-write parameters and `rid` can be set, but the rest are
ignored, as decided in the April virtual interim. Also added some detail
to `getParameters` description, explaining that it should return the
previously provided `sendEncodings` even if `setRemoteDescription`
hasn't been called yet.

I'm not yet addressing the simulcast error point that arose in the
discussion of the issue. We can address that after we finish fleshing
out how simulcast errors will be handled in the first place.
  by Taylor Brandstetter

* Adding more detail about `getParameters` for both `RTCRtpSender` and
  by Taylor Brandstetter

* Throw an error if a read-only parameter is passed into addTransceiver.
  by Taylor Brandstetter

* Describe how RTCRtpParameters dictionary is constructed in more detail.
  by Taylor Brandstetter

* Merge pull request #1134 from taylor-b/issue_1073_sendEncodings_take2

Add more detail about how getParameters and setParameters work.
  by Daniel Burnett

Received on Thursday, 25 May 2017 14:11:39 UTC