[webrtc-pc] setRemoteDescription error when rtcpMuxPolicy=negotiate is not implemented

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== setRemoteDescription error when rtcpMuxPolicy=negotiate is not implemented ==
in the constructor NotSupportedError is thrown on an attempt to use a negotiate in a browser which does not support it. If such a browser attempts to set a remote RTCSessionDescription should it reject with a specific error? The current error behaviour would be a RTCError from step 3 of that algorithm.

Also, the setConfiguration algorithm also has this:
> If configuration.rtcpMuxPolicy is set and its value differs from the connection's rtcpMux policy, throw an InvalidModificationError.

If the browser does not implement 'negotiate' and an attempt is made to use setConfiguration to change this wouldn't it be more consistent to return NotSupportedError too?

This would also allow streamlining the constructor steps by merging step 3 (mux policy) into step 5 (set the configuration). From an implementation perspective i'd prefer to throw the error from a single place.
Even if we want different errors that would be possible by tweaking the language above.

@taylor-b you might have an opinion already

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