[webrtc-pc] editorial: terminology of Blob and "blob of SDP"

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== editorial: terminology of Blob and "blob of SDP" ==
> The term Blob is defined in [FILEAPI]

While the uppercase term Blob is used in that sense there is the term "sdp blob" which is used like this
> The createOffer method generates a blob of SDP

It would probably be good to explain "blob of SDP" in the terminology to avoid confusion (yes, i am nitpicking here). I've found a fairly good description in JSEP:
> As detailed below, most applications should be able to treat the SessionDescriptions produced and consumed by these various API calls as opaque blobs; that is, the application will not need to read or change them.

but that was on page 2 of the search results

Another possible solution is to defer to JSEP on the first use of the term. It is used only in two places.

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