Re: [webrtc-pc] Section 10.3: mute signal

@taylor-b Currently the "mute"event is only fired when an SSRC is removed via a BYE or timeout.  Since a timeout could conceivably occur due to an ICE connectivity loss, I think the answer is "both".  Here is the timeout text from RFC 3550: 

6.3.5 Timing Out an SSRC

   At occasional intervals, the participant MUST check to see if any of
   the other participants time out.  To do this, the participant
   computes the deterministic (without the randomization factor)
   calculated interval Td for a receiver, that is, with we_sent false.
   Any other session member who has not sent an RTP or RTCP packet since
   time tc - MTd (M is the timeout multiplier, and defaults to 5) is
   timed out.  This means that its SSRC is removed from the member list,
   and members is updated.  A similar check is performed on the sender
   list.  Any member on the sender list who has not sent an RTP packet
   since time tc - 2T (within the last two RTCP report intervals) is
   removed from the sender list, and senders is updated.

   If any members time out, the reverse reconsideration algorithm
   described in Section 6.3.4 SHOULD be performed.

   The participant MUST perform this check at least once per RTCP
   transmission interval.

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