Re: [webrtc-pc] "getParameters" and "setParameters" need more thorough specification

@taylor-b  One way to think about this is that there is a [[parameters]] internal slot that is distinct for the sender and receiver.  sender.setParameters() stores validated parameters in that slot and the getParameters() methods retrieve from it.  For the sender, setting the remote description stores into the [[parameters]] internal sender slot, and for the receiver, setting the local description stores into the [[parameters]] internal receiver slot. However, addTransceiver with sendEncodings or setCodecPreferences() does not store into the sender [[parameters]] internal sender slot (or the receiver slot).  Since sender.setParameters() cannot set the negotiation-needed flag (or the number of encodings), can the contents of the [[parameters]] internal slot affect createOffer() or createAnswer()?  I suspect the answer is "no". 

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Received on Friday, 7 April 2017 05:39:26 UTC