[webrtc-pc] "getParameters" and "setParameters" need more thorough specification

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== "getParameters" and "setParameters" need more thorough specification ==
The description of `RTCRtpSender.getParameters`, for example, is currently just:

> The getParameters method returns the RTCRtpSender object's current parameters for how track is encoded and transmitted to a remote RTCRtpReceiver.

But it's not obvious how and when these "current parameters" are populated. My understanding, from working group discussions back when the sender/receiver APIs were first being introduced, was that `getParameters` would return nothing until a remote description is set (or a local description, for an `RTCRtpReceiver`), after which the envelope of possible parameters is determined by SDP.

`setParameters` could also be more clear about all the things that are allowed to change. We already have "read-only parameter" markings where the parameter is defined, but a short summary at the top of the `setParameters` description wouldn't hurt.

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Received on Friday, 7 April 2017 04:29:38 UTC