Re: Editors meeting today?

Hi all,

no response so far. To make it super clear: we would very much 
appreciate a new draft out (with #326 and #330 merged) soon.

Anyone willing to do this?


On 31/03/16 12:43, Stefan Håkansson LK wrote:
> All,
> unfortunately it looks like none of the chairs will be able to make it
> today.
> So basically it is up to the Editors to decide if you meet or not. Of
> course the chairs would be very happy if you meet and make some progress!
> But regardless, we think we should get a new editor's draft out for
> mediacapture-main. It looks like we should be able to merge #326 and
> #330 now (and then also close issues #305 and #322). Could one of the
> editors take on merging those PRs (given you see no problem with them of
> course) and create a new Editor's draft (giving Cullen the usual 24h
> review period)?
> Stefan

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