Agenda, January 21

It's been 2 weeks since last time.

Overarching items
New version of webrtc-pc after interim: Status?

Dom's new status tracker dashboard:

How is it useful to the editors? How can it be better?

Mediacapture-main PRs
#306 Explain WebIDL limitation for ConstrainablePattern ()
Looks good to me. Adequate?

Mediacapture-main Issues
#246 track.applyConstraints() doesn't do anything. (jan-ivar)
No response from Jan-Ivar. Reassign?

#267 Permission model for cross-origin iframes (adam-be)
#268 Iframe sandboxing options for gUM (adam-be)
Adam - status? Suggestions for progress?

#288 Dealing with LC-3019 "WebIDL compilability in template" (burnburn)
Close after merging #306?

#296 How to handle known but unsupported constraints (adam-be)
Adam - you were to review the text to see if it's OK?

#304 gUM firing repeatedly for the same page load (stefhak)
Someone doesn't like Firefox' choices, and Firefox asks for more
Seems wrong to me - what do others think?

#305 Use permissions API model for describing permissions? (alvestrand)
This is tracking my permissions PR. No action at the moment.

Webrtc-PC PRs
#317 Make RTCDataChannels Transferable (stefhak)
Stefan - status?

#434 Change setParameters call to be Async  (fluffy)
Waiting for fluffy to say that alvestrand can take over.

#443 Updating build configuration (dontcallmedom)
Waiting for Dom.

#445 Make DataChannels Transferable and explain the implications (stefhak)
See #317

#447 Add contribution guidelines (adam-be)
Seems good to me. Merge?

#452 Make replaceTrack() handle "not sending yet" case (fixes: #4

#454 Add contributing source voice activity flag (aboba)
Name has been changed. Merge?

#455 Parsing stun/turn URLs ()
Seems good.

#456 SDP changes between the createOffer and setLocalDescription ()
Seems good.

#459 Add non-normative ICE state transitions (aboba)
Discussion still open?

#460 getRemoteCertificates() behavior in "new" and "connecting" s ()

#462 Add PeerConnection.activeSender() and update early media exa ()
Travis doesn't like it.
(Ran out of time for agenda-build-time PR bashing at this point.)

#463 Add more explicit language about transceivers, MIDs and roll ()
#464 Re-add RTCRtpTransceiverInit.sendEncodings ()
#465 Use ErrorEvent as interface for events emitted by RTCDataCha ()
#466 Use an enum to describe directionality of RTP Stream ()
#467 Use enum for voiceActivityDetection ()
#468 Replace DOMError with DOMException ()
#469 Reject changes to peerIdentity and certificates in setConfig ()
#470 Remove remaining pseudo-static notations ()
#471 Use enum for RTCDataChannel’s ordered attribute ()
#472 Update error reports to align with existing DOM Errors ()
#474 RTCIceTransport.component when RTP/RTCP mux is in use ()
#475 Definition of Active for an RTCRtpReceiver ()

Webrtc-PC issues
(here it may make sense to use the state-based dashboard instead)

#140 DataChannel.onerror callback needs an error argument specifi (burnburn)
#142 "Hold" unspecified (aboba)
#227 .mid attribute - random or Null when MID is not present in S (fluffy)
#230 Add support for WebRTC Data Channel in Workers ()
#244 set{Local|Remote}Description is underspecified (alvestrand)
#253 Assurance that requests to IdP proxy originate from the user
#257 ICE Candidate should have accessors for protocol-relevant it
#295 Guidance for extending objects vs extending Stats needed (alvestrand)
#296 Debugging ICE problems needs more info (aboba)
#305 Describe what happens when media changes (fluffy)
#308 RTCRtpSender.get/setParameters is underspecified (fluffy)
#316 Don't use Interface.attribute to refer to properties of inst (adam-be)
#319 Work through error definitions (burnburn)
#330 Get rid of RTCAnswerOptions? (stefhak)
#331 Creating an ICE agent is not defined (adam-be)
#332 Timing of ICE gathering  (adam-be)
#335 DOMError is removed from the platform; use DOMException inst (adam-be)
#336 No definition of "applying an ICE candidate" (adam-be)
#337 Interfacing between WebRTC spec and JSEP (aboba)
#338 specify what parts of the SDP can be changed between the cre (aboba)
#339 Parsing stun/turn URLs (aboba)
#363 m-line match up doesn't work with RtpSender.mid or RtpTransc
#364 Browser calls close() on failed rollback (pthatcherg)
#369 addTrack's streams parameter is unused. (adam-be)
#373 peerIdentity and certificates are unused in setConfiguration
#375 true as default values for dictionary is bad practice (martinthomson)
#382 Rejecting unallowed changes to configuration (dontcallmedom)
#389 Should have a "closed" RTCPeerConnectionState (pthatcherg)
#391 Remove DTMF tones A-D (aboba)
#406 impact of bundle and rtcp-mux on the number of Transports (aboba)
#413 Describe what happens to transceivers at rollback (pthatcherg)
#415 Add activateSender() method (pthatcherg)
#438 How should replaceTrack() behave with an "unused" sender (adam-be)
#440 Use interfaces not dictionaries (adam-be)
#442 Impossible to know if ICE agent is "finished checking", for  (taylor-b)
#450 Contributing source(s) missing voice activity flag (aboba)
#457 Non-normative ICE state transition diagram (aboba)
#461 getRemoteCertificates() behavior in "new" and "connecting" s (aboba)
#473 Section 5.2.4: Definition of Active for an RTCRtpReceiver (aboba)
#477 Spelling of RTCRtxParameters and RTCFecParameters ()
#478 Clarify relation between a local track's settings and how it ()

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