Re: Automatic conversion to WebIDL contiguous mode

On 08/01/2016 12:12, Harald Alvestrand wrote:
> I'm much in favor of switching. I'd like to understand what the pain
> points are likely to be (if any); what Dom is describing sounds like a
> miracle (if the only effect is a shorter ToC, let's Just Do It).

So I have almost everything lined up for the migration; but it won't be 
possible until two bugs in WebIDL contiguous gets fixed:

Hopefully I'll think of some fixes for these next week, but the bugs 
aren't trivial to fix unfortunately.

I think it would be useful to take advantage of that delay to discuss 
other systematic changes we would like to make during the transition; 
I'm happy to join the editors call next week to discuss this if that's 
the best way to make progress on this.

Right now, the changes that my script automates:
* remove noisy headings for attributes/methods/constructors for 
interfaces; this implies a somewhat smaller ToC as Adam noticed;
* keep items in the order they are described in the markup (rather than 
enforcing alphabetical order)


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