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Agenda, Nov 12

From: Harald Alvestrand <harald@alvestrand.no>
Date: Thu, 12 Nov 2015 14:57:44 +0100
To: "public-webrtc-editors@w3.org" <public-webrtc-editors@w3.org>
Message-ID: <56449AD8.1090202@alvestrand.no>
Admin items:

- Feedback from TPAC and IETF
- Kudos for getting so much done before TPAC!

Media Capture and Streams - Pull requests

#265 Refer to security-arch for HTTP (and HTTPS) Best Practice (I ()
Goes too far in saying "just say NO to HTTP origins"?

#266 Add detailed steps for removeTrack() ()
Needs to show when we fire a removetrack event.

#270 Clarify how a cloned track is initialized (remove 'inherit'  ()
Looks good?

Media Capture and Streams - Bugs

#118 A practical algorithm for constraint resolution needs to be
#127 Lack of timeout / cancellation leads to UI inconsistencies (alvestrand)
#193 How is adaptive frame rate to be handled? (alvestrand)
#232 clone a track: "inherit" not defined (adam-be)
#238 Some text on constraints needs updating. (burnburn)
#242 Management of track members in a stream (aboba)
#244 Explain how extensions are to be done (burnburn)
#246 track.applyConstraints() doesn't do anything. (burnburn)
#248 Conflicting information about OverconstrainedError.constrain (burnburn)
#249 PING: Document tradeoff for non-HTTPS usage of getUserMedia (aboba)
#250 PING: Refer to security-arch on the MUST inside Best Practic (aboba)
#257 Non-existent constraints attribute in 4.3.2 (burnburn)
#267 Permission model for cross-origin iframes ()
#268 Iframe sandboxing options for gUM ()
#269 Inconsistency in releasing permissions for a source ()
#271 Track changes on cloned streams ()

WebRTC-PC - Pull requests (21)

#266 Tidy up setLocal/RemoteDescription processing model (adam-be)
Needs rebase and review.

#315 Reorganize travis setup to use centralized check script
Dom/Vivien - status?

#317 Make RTCDataChannels Transferable ()
Accepted in Sapporo. Waiting for EKR to review.

#349 Defining RTCIceCandidateInformation, which inherits from RTC ()
Was discussed in Sapporo. What did we resolve?
Needs rebase.

#350 RTCRtpSender support objects -> interfaces ()
Was discussed in Sapporo, but I can't think what the resolution was.

#351 FrozenArray for interface, sequence for dictionary ()
LGTM (I guess the message is "[] must die")
However, webidl-check barfs on it. Bug?

#353 Plan X: Add an API for using RID to do simulcast ()
Needs rebase.

#354 Fix formatting of Sections 5.2 - 5.6 ()
Needs rebase.

#357 Making RTCRtpTransceiver properties SameObject ()
Let's merge.

#361 Adding setCodecPreferences to RTCRtpTransceiver ()
Looks good to me.

#365 Adding an accessor for the browser-configured ICE servers ()
Fails Travis. Flake? (Note: Closing and reopening the PR creates another
Travis run. Let's see what that says.)

#367 Use updated reference for Secure Hash (FIPS-180-4) ()
Referenced specref PR is merged. Ready?

#368 FIx a bunch of markup issues ()
Dom/Vivien, will this interfere with your #315, or is it OK? (adds check
(ran out of time at this point)

#371 Add RtcpMuxPolicy ()
#372 Use RFC5888 rather than 3388 for SDP ref ()
#374 Throw on too long label/protocol in createDC ()
#376 Use "media description" instead of "m-line" ()
#380 Another bunch of editorial fixes ()
#381 Use unsigned long for positive values ()
#385 Don't invoke public API in legacy function section (Issue #3 ()
#387 Use USVString for datachannel.send() ()

WebRTC-PC - Bugs

I suggest we start assigning from #257

#8 Need to add public to RTCIceTransports (alvestrand)
#133 Streams that become isolated generate errors on PC ()
#140 DataChannel.onerror callback needs an error argument specifi (burnburn)
#142 "Hold" unspecified (aboba)
#150 when closing, all outstanding actions are cancelled and thei (adam-be)
#151 close is synchronous & idempotent (aboba)
#179 Potentially private IP addresses revealed (alvestrand)
#224 Not clear when responding PeerConnection reaches iceconnecti
#227 .mid attribute - random or Null when MID is not present in S (stefhak)
#230 Add support for WebRTC Data Channel in Workers ()
#244 set{Local|Remote}Description is underspecified (alvestrand)
#246 RTCIceCandidate's sdpMid and sdpMLineIndex members (alvestrand)
#251 Update RTCTrackEvent to use FrozenArray<> (martinthomson)
#253 Assurance that requests to IdP proxy originate from the user
#257 ICE Candidate should have accessors for protocol-relevant it ()
#263 over riding default ice servers ()
#265 Add Privacy/security review questions ()
#267 Need a bitrate definition ()
#275 RTCStatsReport seems broken ()
#277 Side-effects of mitigations for #179 in demo pages  ()
#286 The "consumer of the session description” conflicts with ter ()
#287 nit: "audio stream” and “video stream" mentions (burnburn)
#295 Guidance for extending objects vs extending Stats needed (alvestrand)
#296 Debugging ICE problems needs more info (aboba)
#305 Describe what happens when media changes (alvestrand)
#308 RTCRtpSender.get/setParameters is underspecified (adam-be)
#312 We should not reference the public API in algorithms (adam-be)
#316 Don't use Interface.attribute to refer to properties of inst (adam-be)
#319 Work through error definitions (burnburn)
#328 RTCBundlePolicy Enum section should not be non-normative ()
#329 "none" as a RTCIceCredentialType ()
#330 Get rid of RTCAnswerOptions? ()
#331 Creating an ICE agent is not defined ()
#332 Timing of ICE gathering  ()
#334 Consider using the streams API for DataChannel instead of ba ()
#335 DOMError is removed from the platform; use DOMException inst ()
#336 No definition of "applying an ICE candidate" ()
#337 Interfacing between WebRTC spec and JSEP ()
#338 specify what parts of the SDP can be changed between the cre ()
#339 Parsing stun/turn URLs ()
#340 `RTCPriorityType` not aligned with names in rtcweb-transport ()
#341 [FIPS-180-3] has been replaced by  [FIPS-180-4] ()
#344 Should references to RFC5506 and  RFC3550 be normative? ()
#345 Missing handling of createDataChannel() with a too long labe ()
#346 Missing handling of createDataChannel with a too long protoc ()
#348 RTCRtpSender section doesn't include the definition for RTCR ()
#352 Sections 5.2 - 5.6 are a tossed salad (aboba)
#355 Ref to RFC3388 should be RFC5888 ()
#358 Remove mid from sender/receiver ()
#359 Set a priori codec preferences ()
#363 m-line match up doesn't work with RtpSender.mid or RtpTransc ()
#364 Browser calls close() on failed rollback ()
#369 addTrack's streams parameter is unused. ()
#370 Add drop option for RTCDegradationPreference  ()
#373 peerIdentity and certificates are unused in setConfiguration ()
#375 true as default values for dictionary is bad practice ()
#377 is `audioLevel` in `RTCRtpContributingSource` positive or ne ()
#378 `getRemoteCertificates()` is ill-defined ()
#382 Rejecting unallowed changes to configuration ()
#383 Keep event handler attribute descriptions simle (don't speci ()
#384 should "none" be a recognized value in RTCIceTransportPolicy ()
#386 Certificates expiry? ()
#388 Section 10.1 (Simple Peer-to-peer Example) should explicitly ()
#389 Should have a "closed" RTCPeerConnectionState ()
#390 Ambiguous type of `ssrc` identifier; DOMString or unsigned l ()
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