Agenda, June 18

Sorry for being late with the agenda....

Overarching items:

- Status of charter
- Erik Lagerway as new co-chair

Last Call status: Dom has sent out a lot of the LC responses, approx 5 
awaiting action by the chairs.
We need another editors' draft here soon - can we just emit one? (after 
the error fixes?)

Pull requests:

#171 HTML 5.1 reference - stefhak working on it
#181 Remove text about firing event handlers - adam, dan: merge?
#184-#188 Error changes / renames - zero comments from list - merge'em all?
#190 Remove detached source leftovers - adam, dan: merge?
#194 OverconstrainedError (hooray) - looks good to me (heroic effort to 
get straight!)
#195 Asynchronous -> in parallel - stpeter, any issues?


#118 Practical algorithm - total silence in response to list poke. Drop?
#127 Timeout - still sleeping
#161 Remove direct assignment - see #171
#162 MediaStreamError - see #194, #184-188
#173 Minimum length for deviceId - list discussion seems to favor 
removing special values
#176 Constrainable pattern should pass an IDL validator - assigned to Adam
#180 Terminology -> in parallel - see #195
#189 getUserMedia({}) shoudl be a TypeError - assignment?
#191 Support zoom specifcation - was deemed in Boston to be too complex; 
close as "too late, suggest an extension spec"? (wrote comment)
#192 Support setting focus - same
#193 How is adaptive frame rate to be handled?  - suggest closing after 
giving discussion time to pass.

Other thoughts:

I heard that the "on<event>" syntax in WebIDL is being deprecated - does 
this mean that some code will stop working, or is it just that it's 
specified in some other fashion?
If we don't know what this means or how it impacts us, can we assign 
someone to find out?

Note - travis started failing when dan pushed the update - error seems 
strange, tool update?

Pull requests:
#29 Mediadiscarded - still no takers? (stpeter?)
#222 Replace operations array with a chain - replaced by #236?
#225 Support for pending and current SDP - suggest merging after JSEP 
call tonight
#228 QoS API - suggest closing if we merge #234
#229 Removing optionality from constructors - why was lsit discussion 
needed again?
#234 RTCRtpParameters and friends - do we have good enough consensus to 
#235 Modernize getStats - dan, merge?
# 236 Replace operations array with chain - stefan, you've looked at it?

Issues: 32 open

Some chioce picks:

#127 PeerConnection should have an onerror event handler
#133 Streams that become isolated generate errors on PC (or on RTPSender?)
#143 TURN authentication failiures should be surfaced as some event

Scoping discussion for 1.0:

#188 DTLSTransport / ICETransport need to be added - does it, or can it 

That's all..... more than enough for the hour.

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