Notes, June 4

On 06/04/2015 12:27 PM, Harald Alvestrand wrote:
> Overarching issues:
> - Welcome Peter Saint-Andre!
> Tell us a little about yourself, and when you are free to start 
> contributing...
> - Charter status, editing policy - what does it mean in practice?
> (I think it means "keep doing what you've been doing, remember to put 
> those Issue: stickers in and link them back to bugs....")
> Mediacapture-main
> --------------------------
> Pull requests: 5
> - #170 PermissionDeniedError object (Dan)

The current PR is a draft. Dan is working on a real PR based on our 
agreements with Domenic.
After the PR, Dan will work on the error stuff on webrtc-pc.

> - #171 Referencing HTML 5.1 (Stefan) (travis: IETF problem is back)
Adam will review against HTML 5.1 and see if we got all the exceptions 
right, and if they still fit with the new text in HTML 5.1

> - #175 Add note about addtrack and removetrack not being used (adam-be)
Dan and Adam proved that you can have a PR against a PR, and the Right 
Thing happened :-)

> - #177 Add latency constraint (from pthatcher) - I added some more 
> suggested text; please review.
Peter will update this PR, we assume.

> - #179 Add serializer to MediaDeviceInfo (from jan-ivar)

> Issues: 10 open
> - #118 Practical algorithm (Harald needs to get a move on here)
> - #127 Timeout (suggest we ask WG to delay this to an extension)
Harald will suggest putting this in the post-1.0 bucket (mark and close).
> - #161 Remove direct assignment - see PR #171
> - #162 MediaStreamError should not be an interface - see PR #170
> - #163 Please use [Exposed] - closed, #172 is now merged
> - #173 Minimum length for deviceid - list discussion? Harald.
Harald will take action.
> - #174 getUserMedia algorithm should be made more synchronous - adam?
#180 is a result of that discussion. Adam will try to summarize the 
issue to the list.

> - #176 Constrainable pattern IDL should pass an IDL validator - 
> assignment? Dan?
We have already asked jan-ivar to write this. Stefan will drop him a 
note asking him to take a look.
> - #178 Missing serializer in MediaDeviceInfo - do we want one? 
> Discussion or "just do it"?
> - #180 Switch terminology from "asynchronously" to "in parallel" - 
> Domenic across-W3C drive, it seems

We should follow HTML5 on terminology. We don't really care. (we could 
argue this either way).
> Last call comments: Chairs are responsible for editorializing these, 
> and working out the 3 remaining ones. No action for editors at the 
> moment.
> Webrtc-PC
> --------------

We can make a new editors' draft. Adam and Dan will review the spec by 
end of Friday, work together on a changelog (Adam drafts the first 
version), and then ping Cullen (by SMS) for the 24-hour review, and then 

> Pull requests: 9
> - #29 Adding mediadiscarded event (sigh)
Dan pinged cullen and martin, no response (Cisco rejected the voxeo 
email). Stefan will do a reply-all.
> - #195 ReplaceTrack
Ping to the list today - "just pick one". Waiting for reactions.
> - #222 Replace operations array with chain
Jan-Ivar has promised an updated PR. Stefan will ping.
> - #225 Support for pending and current SDP
Adam will take a look.
> - #228 QoS API (priority)
may be obsoleted by #234 if that's the way the WG wants to go.
> - #229 Removing optionality from constructors
Adam will take a look.
> - #233 Add "bufferedamountlow" (per list discussion)
Merged. The WG seems to have consensus to do this (or something very 
> - #234 Add RTCRtpParameters etc (get/set pattern from parameters, 
> array with 1 element)
List discussion needed. Stefan will ask pthatcher to lead the list 
> - #235 Promises for getStats
Yes, it should be a promise.
Do we need a backwards compatible mode for it, and does the PR contain one?
Assigned to Dan for reading.
> Issues: 35 open
> I suspect we're not getting there...

Reminder: The Doodle poll on registry is out. Editors will contribute as 
individuals (if they do).

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