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Welcome and thank you for your future contributions!

This page links to list of pages in various states -

Obviously, "Ready to Use" does not need any immediate contribution, but the
rest of them do. In order to prevent any overlap, you should check the
history of the page you are about to edit and make sure there were not any
recent edits and when you begin editing a page, you should change its state
to "In Progress".
Obviously, if you are pretty sure a page is ready, you can change its state
to "Ready to Use". If you want someone to review it, mark it as "Almost
Ready" and perhaps notify the mailing list (I am not sure there is a formal
process for that).

Thank you, again!


On Sat, May 2, 2015 at 9:12 PM, Cayenne Woods <>

>  Hello all
> I'm new here, have been lurking and looking around but could use some
> simple high-level tips on contributing. This seems pretty flushed out so
> it's not clear what needs to happen, and I'm clicking around in loops.
> I'm close to intermediate on html and css, but a professional writer and
> editor. I've been tasked a few times by interviewers to 'document an html
> or css element'.
> I could describe a lot of these, but most of the common ones are already
> documented. When I go to 'pages that need help' on this site I don't
> really see a lot. It may be they just want me to describe in my own words
> but I'm not sure - that's a separate topic, but any thoughts on that
> would be welcome as well.
> I'd also like to get more into the api docs but starting here for now.
> Any tips how to get started would be most welcome, thank you!

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