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Meeting Notes, 6 May 2014

From: Amelia Bellamy-Royds <amelia.bellamy.royds@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 6 May 2014 11:49:59 -0600
Message-ID: <CAFDDJ7w7AQkd64hFmR3xxVdrWuDP6cbn+9mutsQJe-EdTy417Q@mail.gmail.com>
To: List WebPlatform public <public-webplatform@w3.org>
IRC transcript of the community teleconference meeting for May 6:

Chaired by shepazu (Doug Schepers)
Scribed by AmeliaBR (Amelia Bellamy-Royds)

TOPIC: article flags/readiness state project
shepazu: Asks for progress report (assigned to AmeliaBR & jensimmons)
 AmeliaBR: No progress since last meeting.
 <+eliezerb> If you need some help with Templates, please let me know
 <+eliezerb> I saw an Action item signed to me last Telcon
 <AmeliaBR> eliezerb: yep, Doug just mentioned that we'd like to get going
on that.  Not sure about Jen I've been somewhat hectic this week...
 <AmeliaBR> No one else is scribing, so I'll keep going:
 <+eliezerb> AmeliaBR: Thanks, feel free to talk with me at anytime

TOPIC: Other ongoing business
  shepazu: Talking about collaboration with Pat at MDN about the
compatibility table migration.
  ...Anyone have ideas about scraping the data more effectively?
  ...nothing much happening from other contacts at Mozilla (?)
  ...Next item: Renoirb still working on single sign on, maybe ready to
start rolling next week.

  Elliot: Has got writers at team Microsoft helping review Javascript docs.
  Julee: Asks AmeliaBR about SVG plans...
 <@renoirb_> I just joined
  AmeliaBR: Not much has happened since email last week, anyone who is
interested in getting involved let me know
  shepazu: will follow up on SVG this week.

TOPIC: Server upgrade
  shepazu: Next item: problems with editing site this week, mostly fixed
but reference renoirb's email from today on site upgrades
  ...testing needed, do we want to be more formal about it?
  ...(testing the new, upgraded mediawiki; everyone sitting down together)
  shepazu: we should try to roll out the new server next week.  Test run
tomorrow (Wed) or Friday?
  renoirb: sooner the better, many features rely on the newer software.
  Julee: can probably put in some testing time tomorrow
  ...is it ideal that we all do it at the same time, talking on IRC?
  renoirb: ideal feedback via reply to the email on the list
  shepazu & Julee: planning to do joint testing 4pm EDT/1pm PDT Wednesday
May 7
  <AmeliaBR> eliezerb: would you be available?
  eliot: busy all wednesday
  ...but might send some colleagues (eliot)
 <+eliezerb> AmeliaBR: I'll be in a Conf :/
 <@renoirb> To test is fairly easy. All you have to make sure that
/upgrade/ is in the URL
 * renoirb thanks AmeliaBR for scribing :)
 shepazu: Its just an upgrade
... testing is fairly easy, just exploring the site for half to an hour;
don't expect any breaking changes
  Julee: should have a checklist
 <@renoirb> renoirb: wants to point out:  Its only the Ubuntu server
version, and MediaWiki. All of which is already running at Wikimedia
foundation anyway
  shepazu: re checklist either send notes to the email list, or discuss on
IRC tomorrow;
  renoirb: there is a checklist in original email

TOPIC: Other business
  shepazu: ACTIONs for himself: reply to SVG email; connect with frozenice
re scraping of MDN data
  shepazu: apologies for no agenda email; feel free to take over if he ever
forgets in the future.  Bye!

  (meeting ajourned)
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