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Sorry for being so stubborn - I would have joined the project management
system conversation if I had a user, but I am not willing to create a user
just for that.
In other words, if my user worked there, I would have

My input is known, regardless, as you can see from the thread to which I


On Thu, Jul 31, 2014 at 9:15 PM, Amelia Bellamy-Royds <> wrote:

> I made a separate story ticket for discussing the appropriate URL for a
> translation, which should also encompass related issues about how to
> search/filter for articles in a given language:
> (This is separate from Jen's ticket, issue #111, which focuses on
> improving the instructions and help information for translators.)
> In line with the effort to move project management from the email list to
> the project tracker, further discussion should go on the appropriate
> tickets.  That way, all the ideas about each problem will be in one place,
> not split between multiple email threads and wiki pages and intersecting
> with other discussions.
> P.S. To Jen.  Are you aware of the way-too-much-whitespace issue when in
> tickets and comments?  Maybe worth another ticket about fixing up the
> project tracker CSS?
> AmeliaBR
> On 31 July 2014 11:13, Renoir Boulanger <> wrote:
>> See inline
>> --
>> On July 31, 2014 12:30:18 PM EDT, PhistucK <> wrote:
>> >I remember we had a long discussion
>> ><
>> >without a definite outcome regarding the way we implement translations.
>> >Some people were in favor of the wiki/dom/fr (for the French version of
>> >wiki/dom), I (and I think others) was against that.
>> I can see why, listing subpages and seeing translations is strange.
>> >I think the unspoken conclusion was
>> >that we keep it this way (wiki/dom/fr)
>> >for now, until we know more or something.
>> >
>> >My preference was to handle it similarly
>> > to the way Wikipedia handles it -
>> >using a sub domain for every language.
>> > for
>> >French,
>> >or similar.
>> Right, I guess Ryan would have said that we'd have to generate as many
>> SSL certificates as there are languages.
>> >Perhaps we should revisit it?
>> Let's keep a note about that.
>> Renoir
>> ~

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