Re: ticket for fixing up translation information

I made a separate story ticket for discussing the appropriate URL for a
translation, which should also encompass related issues about how to
search/filter for articles in a given language:

(This is separate from Jen's ticket, issue #111, which focuses on improving
the instructions and help information for translators.)

In line with the effort to move project management from the email list to
the project tracker, further discussion should go on the appropriate
tickets.  That way, all the ideas about each problem will be in one place,
not split between multiple email threads and wiki pages and intersecting
with other discussions.

P.S. To Jen.  Are you aware of the way-too-much-whitespace issue when in
tickets and comments?  Maybe worth another ticket about fixing up the
project tracker CSS?


On 31 July 2014 11:13, Renoir Boulanger <> wrote:

> See inline
> --
> On July 31, 2014 12:30:18 PM EDT, PhistucK <> wrote:
> >I remember we had a long discussion
> ><
> >
> >without a definite outcome regarding the way we implement translations.
> >Some people were in favor of the wiki/dom/fr (for the French version of
> >wiki/dom), I (and I think others) was against that.
> I can see why, listing subpages and seeing translations is strange.
> >I think the unspoken conclusion was
> >that we keep it this way (wiki/dom/fr)
> >for now, until we know more or something.
> >
> >My preference was to handle it similarly
> > to the way Wikipedia handles it -
> >using a sub domain for every language.
> > for
> >French,
> >or similar.
> Right, I guess Ryan would have said that we'd have to generate as many SSL
> certificates as there are languages.
> >Perhaps we should revisit it?
> Let's keep a note about that.
> Renoir
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