Re: Javascript data types

Hi, Rob!

There is a Range object in the spec.[1] So I would add it. But where? I noticed the ES6 draft separates out the language & specification types.[2]

Maybe we should have a separate type section for specifications?

What do others think?



[2] (see table of contents)

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as Range and RangeError are not in the list at

I end up with a nonsense Return Value description....

“Returns an object of type Object”
[object Range]

I am pressed for time, so I have flagged the item as almost ready.... awaiting Range object to js data-types.


...seems to me that the js object types should be open to editor discretion as ‘objects’ can be anything one wants....

var WPO={‘toString’:function(){return ‘[object WPO]’;}}

there are ‘core’ data-types... number, date, boolean, string, regex and Array, but what were once ‘object’ can now be [object Anything]

eg. var test=2; typeof test returns ‘number’


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