Compatibility tables are now live!

Hi all,

Compatibility tables are now available on the main wiki [1]!!.

Eliezer, can you help us with that?

Before we see it everywhere, a few things remains to be done:

1. Remove or adjust old Compatibility_Section template

- Define in a category template what is the compat "folder" parent
- Expose a field where we can override (e.g. css/pseudo-active)


- /wiki/css/properties/border-radius has a template {{CSS_Property}} [2]
- In Template:CSS_Property [2], we call a block similar to


NOTE: the 'css' in feature=css/  is the compat "folder" parent I was
referring to

- Still in Template:CSS_Property, have a field where we can override
completely the value at feature

2. Have the new Compatibility_Section adjusted everywhere

3. Once it is done, remove hardcoded tag in [1], see diff at [2]



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Received on Monday, 14 July 2014 17:08:18 UTC