Re: MutationEvents

​You seem to have gotten yourself into an infinite loop, because you change
innerHTML (mutate) of an element inside of the current document when these
mutation events fire​...
I created an iFrame and changed the content of the iFrame instead - nothing
loops anymore for me. The edited version is attached.

With the fixed version, I think your testing would be feasible.
These events do slow down the renderer, but not by that much that it is not
possible to work with them. When a lot of DOM operations happen, they will
be slow (say, 100 milliseconds instead of 0 milliseconds...), but the
renderer does not get stuck, unless you are in an infinite loop. :)

Unless anyone else objects within a week, I will remove


On Sun, Jul 13, 2014 at 1:58 PM, Rob^_^ <> wrote:

>   Hi PhistucK, et al.
> attached please find mutationevents.htm which is my mashup for exploring
> the MutationEvent api. Load the file up in your favorite browser and
> check/uncheck the event handler checkboxes. The event properties and
> methods are displayed in a sidebar on the rhs. Press an action button, for
> example the toggle bgcolor attribute of the body tag which will fire the
> DOMAttrChange event.
> I’ve moved on since drafting the mashup and have not compared all of the
> event handlers support in other browsers. The trouble is that MutationEvent
> do impinge severely on browser performance... turns My Favorite Browser
> into a brick!
> Using it to monitor depreciated presentational attributes is probably not
> a good example, but anything more complicated, say a recursive ul
> appendChild, is known to slow the browser down.
>  What do you mean by "Gecko and Webkit ignore the addEventListener calls"?
> the DOMAttrChange event does not fire in other browsers.... a bit of
> research suggests this is a known ‘feature’ of those browsers
> implementation of the depreciated API. There are no errors in the console,
> nadda...
> It appears to me that the API has been (and probably should be) abandoned.
> Greetings from Australia.
> Additionally:
> The following is a list of constructor methods that I have been allocated.
> dom/Navigator/constructor
> ... only the one item in my list.
> Please flag for deletion.
>  *From:* PhistucK <>
> *Sent:* Sunday, July 13, 2014 7:20 PM
> *To:* Rob^_^ <> ;
> *Subject:* Re: MutationEvents
>  There used to be a deletion candidate flag, but it is not there anymore.
>  I also think it should be deleted, but I want to wait for comments of
> others. If everyone agrees "constructor" property articles should be
> deleted, you can give me a list of article links to delete and I will
> delete them.
> What do you mean by "Gecko and Webkit ignore the addEventListener calls"?
> It is mostly implemented in these engines. Perhaps you picked a certain
> event that is not implemented.
> ☆*PhistucK*

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