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Hi PhistucK, et al.

attached please find mutationevents.htm which is my mashup for exploring the MutationEvent api. Load the file up in your favorite browser and check/uncheck the event handler checkboxes. The event properties and methods are displayed in a sidebar on the rhs. Press an action button, for example the toggle bgcolor attribute of the body tag which will fire the DOMAttrChange event.

I’ve moved on since drafting the mashup and have not compared all of the event handlers support in other browsers. The trouble is that MutationEvent do impinge severely on browser performance... turns My Favorite Browser into a brick!
Using it to monitor depreciated presentational attributes is probably not a good example, but anything more complicated, say a recursive ul appendChild, is known to slow the browser down.

What do you mean by "Gecko and Webkit ignore the addEventListener calls"?

the DOMAttrChange event does not fire in other browsers.... a bit of research suggests this is a known ‘feature’ of those browsers implementation of the depreciated API. There are no errors in the console, nadda...

It appears to me that the API has been (and probably should be) abandoned.

Greetings from Australia.


The following is a list of constructor methods that I have been allocated.

... only the one item in my list.

Please flag for deletion.

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There used to be a deletion candidate flag, but it is not there anymore.

I also think it should be deleted, but I want to wait for comments of others. If everyone agrees "constructor" property articles should be deleted, you can give me a list of article links to delete and I will delete them.

What do you mean by "Gecko and Webkit ignore the addEventListener calls"? It is mostly implemented in these engines. Perhaps you picked a certain event that is not implemented.


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