Re: On deploying next release of compatibility tables

Frozenice, can you do something about it?

How we can handle this:

I’m going to hold the deployment to after the community meeting.

Also, maybe we can deploy the change anyway, and just change the revised
compat data JSON after some more investigation.

What do you think?

(see notes in truncated thread below)

On 2014-07-03, 5:15 PM, Renoir Boulanger wrote:
> Nice Catch Amelia!
> (...) 
> Frozenice, can you take a look at the issue Amelia raised?
> (...)
> On 2014-07-03, 5:07 PM, Amelia Bellamy-Royds wrote:
>> (...)
>> From a quick skim-through there are a couple problems I can see:
>> 1. The JSON file doesn't distinguish between multiple
>> elements/properties with the same name within different namespaces or
>> languages.  E.g., the entries for "a" and "title" both reference the
>> SVG elements on MDN, not HTML elements (...)

This should already been addressed when Frozenice made the scraper.

I will change the scraper to list all keys in a JavaScript Array. That
way, we’ll see if what you are saying is true.

If we are actually losing data, we’d have to change the way we structure
the data.

>> 2. Some entries are showing up as "unknown" for Firefox, despite
>> having specific values in MDN.  E.g., see the text-shadow and
>> box-shadow pages.  I suspect the problem is that the MDN tables
>> include links to the release notes for the particular version number,
>> and this may be causing problems with the parsing function.

Yes, that is correct.

We are parsing the content and adjusting to have an harmonized first
version. The content has too much handmade notes in too many different
formats. We are using their data as a first import. We know it is not
perfect, nor complete; just a starting point.

You can see the parsing rules in the comments of the converter here [0]


Hope it clarifies things


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