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Homepage Problem

From: abhimanyu0003 <abhimanyu@japanaddicts.org>
Date: Thu, 25 Dec 2014 21:41:26 -0800
To: <public-webplatform@w3.org>
Message-ID: <14a851ce70d.e9bd9c1a76890.3191532795498349472@japanaddicts.org>
The WebPlatform homepage (webplatform.org)'s section which introduces visitors with document statuses looks pretty hard-hitting. I've said this once already, I'm saying it again.
 I'm attaching an image [1] too.
 Here's the problem: the Almost Ready column has a VERY wrong choice of colours. White on yellow is very problematic. Please pay attention and correct this. I think that white on green can also be changed.
 (Running Firefox on Ubuntu, got the same result in running IE, Chrome, and Firefox for Windows and Midori for Ubuntu.)

[1] Here's a direct link, in case the email version is unavailable: http://i.imgur.com/GCufZQ6.png?1

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