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Re: We need a more UI-friendly group

From: Pat Tressel <ptressel@myuw.net>
Date: Fri, 12 Dec 2014 20:36:56 -0800
Message-ID: <CABT-+2qSvq6nJQaQLke4dzV7AUXRVNCMrYfLqyCKZaAPHaEtXw@mail.gmail.com>
To: WebPlatform Public List <public-webplatform@w3.org>
> Right here, I had to compose a new email, add p-wp@w3.. address, add your
> address (Pat), and add a subject before I could even start typing. I don't
> think this feeling is very great.

Sounds like you could use a better email client...  I'm just using the
ordinary web Gmail client, and not having those problems.  There is no need
to add individuals who respond to your post to the To list as (clearly)
they are subscribed to the mailing list.  Just keep the mailing list name
as the To.

> Well, all things you've mentioned can be counter-argued or criticised. So,
> kindly read along.
> Facebook archives will also be permanently available.

Sorry, but they disappear off the timeline.  Do you mean we should run some
sort of scraper and copy them out to where search engines can get at them?
Search engines cannot crawl FB -- that would be a serious breach of privacy.

> There's no indexing I see of our emails either.

They are public, not robotted out, and are indexed by the usual web search

> Facebook doesn't deliver anything.

Exactly the problem I noted.

In the group (like I have to open my mail account, you have to open the
> Facebook group, nothing different), you can see all posts. Further, you'll
> get notified of each new post.

I do not get notified on all posts from FB pages that I do follow.  I only
get a selection of posts, generally for events.

> The Timeline thing you said is rather an advantage. The popular and more
> discussed posts of the group WILL ALSO BE SHOWN on members' Timelines, a
> bonus.

> If you have to search for the mail in your inbox, you have to search for
> the post in the group.

I cannot search in FB.  I can search -- with a *search query*, like web
search -- in my own email. I can also do a search in the mailing list
archive using a web search engine.

You say if there are lots of communities you have to see and one option is
> to have them as Facebook groups and other option is to have emails coming
> from them. Please do not confuse me. We're talking about taking WPD's work
> communication on Facebook, we're not dealing with a client and her problem
> with multiple groups she has to look at. I have fifteen groups on Facebook
> that I actively participate in and just four mailing lists. Yet, the
> mailing lists are more messy and a pathetic excuse in the name of user
> interface.

I believe my personal concern is valid, and dismissing it out of hand as
irrelevant is not a good way to have an engineering discussion.  I am
describing a usability and workflow concern.

Your gripe

Ok, I see there is no purpose for me to respond further.  I am not the one
with the "gripe", and you are imputing to me opinions that I do not hold.
Your problems with email appear to stem from use of a defective email
client that does not thread nor properly handle return addresses.

-- Pat
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